HINDUism or HIMduism? You be the judge.

Hinduism- the mother (some may argue as the father) of all religions consider women and men as equal halves. No more and no less.

But taking into account the fact that it is the third largest religion in the world with over One Billion followers, the above-stated fact comes as a surprise given the patriarchal and misogynistic society we live in. India is home to the largest population of Hindus (eminently evident from its alter name-Hindustan).

But the question here is -Is it really a home? Or just a dangling roof on the surface of the blue ball? Well Home is a place where everybody in spite of their differences eat together, pray together and love each other, so looking closely at the hopeless state of affairs it seems more like a roof than a home where the ideas and philosophy have changed completely -UNISON is taken over by SON, RATIONALITY by PARTIALITY, KNOWLEDGE by GARBAGE and SAGACITY by STUPIDITY.

This has converted HINDUism to HIMduism–phasing from a much broader abstraction to a narrow one.

Even though there is no known founder or governing body of Hinduism still the self-revered priests and pujaris make rules for the women to not enter the temples at all or when they attain a certain age ; This is outrageous as ‘herdus’ entering a temple is a matter of concern in this modern time while ‘himdus’ entering ‘herdus’ is not. (Well guess what Swami Ji, it really is a Food for thought).

However, this makes us question ourselves –

                                            Is there still a place for HERduism?

Well, it’s a good thing we (utter codwallopians) are optimistic in our approach. We firmly believe that there is still a place for HERduism to coexist with HIMduism. Together they can make HINDUISM what it truly represents:–Sanātana Dharma. This means “eternal dharma”, or eternal truth.The truth is what we need in this modern world and Truth is what we should get.

On this note here we ask all our readers to have a pragmatic approach towards everything happening around and before blindly following anything always question-WHY?


G mane Genius? No, G mane Grammar!

‘The Internet is filled with morons’

-Every Grammar nazi said this at some point in their lives.

Every time they see an incorrect usage of grammar or any misspelt word, their hands start itching to go after their keyboard, just like a monkey goes after a banana in a stranger’s hand.
But the question here is ‘ Is English the only measure of one’s intelligence’?
There are people in all spheres of life who are masters in their fields but their English may not be top notch. So why is Internet going crazy about this English thing? We may know the sacred secret-

Saviours of the damned world

Everybody in their childhood had a dream of becoming a marvel superhero and saving the world. The so-called grammar nazis have not let the child in them die as yet. They have pledged to save the earth from the biggest evil of all time (villainous music playing in the background), please welcome the wretched sinner, the biggest rapscallion to ever take birth on this earth: The malignant saga of Incorrect English usage.
I bet these nazis have a secret society- Grammarnati. Behind the veil of Internet where nobody can construe their true identity they serve their main purpose. These self-proclaimed superheroes have taken an oath of saving the dignity of their deity-‘ Shri Grammar dev’ from its arch enemy ‘Error’. So whenever they find this error, they suit up, turn on their devices, start hitting the keyboard like mad and BOOM! they destroy it with their Super-English powers. *WELL DONE ROGER* (Comes a robotic voice from their walkie talkie).Finally, When the mission is accomplished they return to their normal boring lives like Peter Parker or Clark Kent.


Well, no doubt these superheroes are contributing their time and energy to a noble cause but like superman who destroys the city in the process of saving the people from the evil doer, these nazis too destroy the hard earned image of the person who commits the error and makes them a source of ridicule in front of others.


What Should Be Our Concern?

What Should be Our Concern?

India is a very vast diversity.

India’s religions, cultures, languages, cuisine, architecture, music, etc differ from place to place and region to region making the above statement true. We are blessed to have taken birth under such umbrella which provides shelter to all the people irrespective of these differences.

But even in such a diverse nation a certain factor remains constant throughout –MORONS. No, I’m not joking. You must have come across one surely. These morons are judgmental creeps who have no better work to do. They degrade the society as a whole and it is because of these people that the whole nation suffers. Their claims are baseless, having no logic behind. Their number is few but they attract a majority towards their viewpoint. And we can tell you why– Science says “Every human thinks differently”. But we Indians have a tendency to do what others do, think what others think. We get influenced easily. No matter what we are, what work we do or how we are brought up, more or less, we all have become pawns in the hands of an influencing society.

Morons can be found anywhere, it might be the person sitting next to you, might be the group of aunties gossiping in the verandah or a certain politician (who ironically is selected by us) or anyone.

These people compel us to ask a very important question to ourselves as well as the society-

 ‘What should be our concern?’

You must be aware of the big fiasco that took place when one of India’s leading newspapers- The Times Of India, posted a video allegedly focusing on the cleavage revealing outfit worn by Deepika Padukone. When our paramount concern should be the heinous crimes like Rape, Murder etc, this is what comprises the national news of a 21st Century India. Had it be the other way round we would have surely found some good ways to deal with them.

Not just this, PDA (Public Display of Affection) like Kissing in public is a crime but pissing in public is totally okay. The logic behind this is beyond my understanding. Before Police even turns up on the spot to arrest the couple, certain vigilante groups like the Bajrang Dal have either forcibly married them off or beat the shit out of them. Beware! Lovebirds, Valentine’s Day is just a month away.

If a girl wears a sari which exposes more than half her belly she is a sati savitri while on the other hand if she wears a crop top and jeans which exposes only an inch of her belly she is considered uncultured and called names like whore and slut.

Another ironic example of the hypocrisy of Indian society is that girls are not allowed to talk to a strange man but are expected to sleep with one after their arranged marriage.

The unnecessary clashes and riots between two communities or people of different religions make us question our identity as “Indians”. Don’t they?

There are many unsung and unnoticed issues which need to be discussed upon. Some questions we need to ask our own conscience-

Should we worry about how a girl dresses or about the morals the boys have been taught? Should we be more concerned about the superstar commenting on intolerance or about the reasons behind his comment? Should we focus on how one religion is better than the other or to teach everyone the principle of Communal Harmony? And the most important of them all- To live in peace or to kill in pieces?

We request you guys to pay heed to such issues and bring them into light or at least take a step and ask yourself.

“What really should be our concern?’’



“It’s never about HOW you live in the empire,

It’s always about WHAT you are doing to build the empire!”

Grab a kachori, Baby!

20th Century,

The world of most popular filter that we now use to beautify our pictures ; Black & White.

They used to say “Roti Kapda aur Makan” is all one needs to live an ecstatic life. So much so that they made a movie with the same title featuring the all time biggies Manoj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman and Amitabh Bacchan.

Now coming back to the present and thinking practically. Can a person really be satisfied by a single Roti? Tell me, Can you spend your entire day by having just the usual- breakfast, lunch and supper? Don’t laugh. We know it’s a big NO! (Homo-phonic Pun intended). Well maybe one day or two days at a stretch but not more than that. We can definitely convince our tummy, but our tongue. No chance. It demands taste. And when we are surrounded by thousands of mouth watering items, this “convincing your tongue” thing becomes next to impossible.

One of the many scrumptious food items that can satisfy our taste buds to their fullest is – Ka *wait for it* Chori. (What Up- Barney Stinson reference).

Kachori is a very popular snack in India; usually served with green chutney or dahi (yogurt)-making it impossible for anyone to not relish it. It’s basically nothing but a puri stuffed with spiced lentils, potato or beans. But it’s the simplicity of making and serving a kachori that makes it even more endearing. Indulging into the crunchy crust and the tangy stuffing is an amusement in itself-a state of pure bliss.

If we see, the very science behind making a kachori and eating it, just seem so perfect- It’s neither too big nor too small and can easily fit in one palm of a person, while the other one can be used to savor this delicious snack. And if we look close enough the true shape of a kachori is oblate spheroid. Oblate refers to its slightly oblong appearance while spheroid means that it is almost a sphere, but not quite. You know what else has a shape of oblate spheroid? Our Earth. Maybe this is the god’s way of telling us to never miss any chance of eating a kachori.

After a long and tiring day,

If your tummy growls and shouts like a dying whale,

Grab a kachori, Baby!


Royal Enfield- Bullet

From the rule of whites to the rule of browns, it has witnessed it at all times. Royal Enfield, the only machine to have survived more than a century and still owns the title of the leader among all the two wheel vehicles existing in the globe. There have always been two categories of two wheelers (pardon the pun)-The Bullets and the rest. It is the oldest of the lot and is definitely here to stay.

1893 born Enfield Cycle Company under the brand name Royal Enfield aimed to manufacture bicycles which would require human force to bowl down. But, evolution had always been an integral part of the universe. Respecting the evolution theory, in 1901, came the longest-lived motorcycle on road, THE ROYAL ENFIELD BULLETS. Since then, there was no turning back. With an aim to hit the infinity, it successfully won the contract of military motorcycles in Second World War. This lightened up the spark of Royal Enfield Bullets in the business world. From a business man’s view point it turned into money making machine, offering the best engine with a reasonable price. It earned the title of “Middle weight Champions” in the world of bikes. Providing 4 different models: continental- GT, Classic, Electra and thunderbird, RE has top the list of best selling bikes in the last few years surpassing the old best, Harley Davidson. In its selling, 50% increment has been observed from the previous year and its steel leveling up.

Bullets have always been the first choice of every man when it comes to bike. It has also been successful in earning the place of first love in woman’s heart. The stalwart built and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic looks makes it even more enthralling. Its appealing post war style makes it the most coveted royal enfield in history. Anyone can recognize a bullet from its thumping (or dug dug) sound which is unique to Royal Enfield Bikes. These are bikes beyond comparison and riding one is an experience in itself.